Success Stories
As volunteers we dedicate our time, energy, and emotions to finding homes for the dogs we receive into rescue. Nothing means more to us than to see wonderful GSPs who come from many different places and situations find a forever home with a family who has opened their hearts and dedicated themselves to a dog in need.

Not only do we enjoy our volunteer work and time spent getting to know our dogs in rescue, but we take such joy in meeting the incredible families who show love and compassion to their new found family members. To us, we may feel that an adopted dog has been blessed to find such a great home, but if you ask the adopting family, they will tell you that they are the ones who have been blessed by their newest addition to their family.


Meet AVA….My new and best companion ever!  Thanks to New Beginnings GSP Rescue and Pam Vermillion! As people tell me…we are like two peas in a pod…a perfect match! And I have Pam to thank for that.

I contacted New Beginnings a year and a half before I was ever in a position to adopt, but Pam was patient and I went through the application and approval process….and when I was ready….a match was made!  I wanted an older dog because they are harder to adopt out and I wanted to make sure that this would be the last home this dog would ever know. The whole process of the adoption was pretty amazing.



Dearest Pam,

I just wanted to share with you how great my new family is.  My name is Egan, I’m sure you remember me! I am the sweetest, smartest, best looking GSP ever! I’m also quite humble-bark, bark!  Well, to get you up to date, when I first went with my new family, I must admit I was a little skeptical. They seemed goofy.  But over time they grew on me. Now we are best chums. I do have to keep a close eye on them though, or they will wonder off. In fact, today was the first day that I took my family for walk without having to use their leash. They insist I share the couches with them, watch TV, root for the Redskins & Terps, go on long walks and sleep with my 14 year old brother, Sean. Because I am so well behaved ...



Logan came to NBGSP as a stray dog, picked up by the local shelter in Indiana. He was wonderful with children, had a wonderful personality – very gentle and loving. Aside from a few belly problems (from eating out “in the wild”) and being underweight, he was ready for finding a forever home…

After being with NBGSP for only a couple of weeks, a family in Asheville, North Carolina, was looking for a new “baby” to enrich their lives. They had recently lost their beloved GSP of 10 years, Reilly, to cancer, and missed having the warmth and companionship he had always brought to their home.



This new addition to our family is Max. He is a big beautiful puppy who came to us from Kentucky in July. He is so loving – so grateful for his new home and we are grateful for him. He makes us laugh every day – he’s so cute and comical.  Max has lots of energy and keeps us in shape with exercise. We discovered the “Howlabaloo” dog park about 40 minutes away.  It’s 58 fenced acres of trees, ponds, birds, butterflies and playmates. We’ve been there three times and he didn’t stop running for two hours each visit.  We will be regulars there!

Max’s favorite time of day is bedtime. At the mention of “let’s go to bed” he leaps up the stairs and flies onto the bed.  We enjoy watching TV, relaxing and cooling down with the AC before sleep.


We can’t even imagine a more perfect fit for our family. We have 2 young children and they both adore Murphy. He is very loving and extremely tolerant. He plays great with other dogs and gets along well with our cat. He loves to play ball in the back yard but is also content to run around and chase squirrels on his own.

Our son loves to lay in his dog bed with him and even takes bones and toys right out of his mouth. (Our son doesn’t share nearly as well as Murphy.) He does great in the car and is always very excited to go for a ride. Murphy is the perfect family dog and has been a wonderful addition to our family.


We decided that for our second dog we would love to give a home to a dog in need and who would fit into our active lifestyle. Our search was initially for a Vizsla which is the breed of our first dog. During our search we also became interested in adopting a GSP. As we were looking, one dog kept jumping out at us – Rainey! She is a 1-2 year old liver GSP who had initially been a runaway and then had one unsuccessful adoption from a local shelter. She was then rescued by New Beginnings GSP Rescue and was being fostered by Pam.

When we met Rainey we knew that she would be a good fit for us and hopefully, we for her. She was a little shy (as she has been through many hands) but was very sweet, and energetic...



Steve and I had just bought a new house and, after being married for a year, decided we would like to add a dog to our little family. Being that we are an active couple, we were looking for a versatile dog that would like everything about the outdoors, such as hiking, camping, biking, swimming, etc. The breed that we kept coming back to was the GSP.

We found New Beginnings through Petfinder. Pam had just received into rescue a litter of puppies that we were interested in. We submitted the application and eventually met with Pam to discuss what we were looking for and what she thought would be the best option. 



“He’s gotten too old to hunt anymore”, his owner said as he was dropped off at the shelter without even a backward glance.
Thrown away like garbage.
He couldn’t even walk in because the pads of his feet were so severely burned from, what we think, was an extremely hot pickup bed.
His spirit broken, bones aching and feet that were causing so much pain, he was put on death row in the gassing shelter.



Tessie is doing great and we could not be happier with our new little girl.  As I write, she is curled up snuggling on the couch. It’s hard to imagine a better dog.
She spends her days tagging along after the kids and Amy and loves romping around chasing sticks in the backyard.  We’ve taken her on some long walks in the woods and she just loves to explore and chase squirrels.

She has a new dog bed in front of the fire and spends a lot of time just lounging there chewing on her toys.  And of course, at night she sleeps in our beds which is particularly nice on these cold winter nights.